Roofing q & a


Is money needed up front as a deposit?

The only times we will ever ask for a deposit, is if the material is special order and needs to be paid up front.  In that case, we will typically only ask for the material amount.  Other than that, we are a financially stable company in good standing with our suppliers, and will only ask for money the day we start usually when material arrives and crew start work.

Will there be someone there all day ensuring work is done right?

Absolutely.  We have an on-site supervisor who will be there if any questions arise.  Unlike other roofing companies, our crew leader is not the supervisor. 

What is ice and water barrier and is it needed?

We install ice and water in all valleys to ensure the most venerable spots on a roof are protected.  

What is synthetic underlayment and is it better than felt paper?

Synthetic felt is a high tech, high performance layer of material used to absorb asphalt from the shingle and provide an extra layer of water resistance.  It tends to lay flatter and resists wrinkling, will not tear when walking on it making it safer for the crew, and holds up during exposure even in high winds.

If filing an insurance claim, what is the most out of pocket we will have to pay, and are financing

With an insurance claim, the most we'll collect would be the deductible set by your insurance company, and any non-recoverable depreciation.  On occasion, if insurance refuses to pay for a nail-able surface, than you as the homeowner will be responsible for that.  We will discuss prior to work and explain everything. 

How do I know if I have damage?

Aside from waking up to a leaking roof or watching huge hail rain down, an easy way is if your neighbors are getting roofs.  We offer free inspections and can help not only show you pictures of anything we find, but explain the process as well.