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The best commercial roof replacement service balances budget and quality. Find out how Platinum Contracting can get you the best roof without breaking your bank!

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What You Should Consider When Getting A Commercial Roof Replacement

Considering the volatile and ever-changing weather in Central Texas, a good commercial roof is essential. But as a building owner, you need to strike a balance between a commercial roof’s cost and protecting your employees and customers.

Fortunately, Platinum Contracting is here to help! Our flat roof experts can assist you in choosing the best material for your commercial roofing and install it without breaking your bank. Contact us today to ask about our commercial roof replacement services!

Platinum Contracting Commercial Roof Replacement DFW

Platinum Contracting Has You Covered, Literally.

Platinum Contracting Commercial Roof Replacement DFW

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Commercial Roof Replacement Services

Platinum Contracting LLC has experience working with an array of roof materials – from metal shingles to asphalt ones and everything in between. No matter what repairs and whatever roofing service you may need, we can complete the project for you in a timely manner. All of our contractors have the skills and knowledge to work on a wide range of roofing projects.

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Choosing The Right Commercial Roofing Material 

Material is the first thing you should consider when getting new commercial roofing. Different materials have different contractor costs and provide different advantages. 

To help you choose, here are the features of four common flat roof materials:

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is popular due to its long life expectancy and high fire resistance. If properly maintained, a metal flat roof can last over 30 years. Different metal materials also provide more flexibility and allow building owners to customize the look of their flat roof.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing is one of the most lightweight flat roof options on the market. TPO is resistant to punctures and tears, as well as oil and fat – making it popular with restaurants. TPO commercial roofs also have a relatively long life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. 

BUR Membrane Roofing

Built-up roofing (BUR) consists of tar and gravel layered multiple times to form a flat roof. This type of commercial roofing gives you many thickness options that you can choose from according to your durability requirements and budget.

EPDM Roofing

Commonly known as rubber roofing, EPDM flat roof coatings are very easy for roofers to install – translating to cheaper labor costs for our customers. The rubber material also allows your building to reflect UV radiation so your air conditioning doesn’t work as hard – by keeping your building cool, you can save up on energy bills. 

What We Do For Business Owners | Commercial Roofing Company In Central Texas

From roof repair to roof replacements, our roofing company is here for all your commercial roofing needs! Here are just some of the commercial roofing services our company offers:

Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Services

Roofing damage can happen at any time, thanks to the ever-changing weather in Central Texas. To prevent further issues with your roof system, we provide an emergency commercial roof repair service. 

Whenever you notice signs of damage after a roof inspection, call our roofing contractors – we’ll be right over ASAP to fix it!

Commercial Roof Installation 

Excellent commercial roofing starts at installation. 

Our flat roof experts always begin projects with a consultation to find out which type of commercial roofing fits your budget and durability needs best. Once we settle on the roofing project terms, we’ll get right to work on installing your new roof.

Plus, our contractors won’t just put up your commercial roofing and leave. Our roofers also educate you on the entire process and share DIY maintenance tips to keep your roofs in top condition.

Commercial Roof Drain & Gutter Installation

Drains and gutters help protect your commercial roof. To keep your property leak-free, we also install gutters and drains along your roof’s edges.

Our Roofing Services

We take our services to heart and we treat your property as our very own. Our years of experience show that we can deliver the satisfactory results you need and want for your home or business.

Residential Roofing

Platinum Contracting LLC can help protect your business or home's roof from the damaging and lasting effects of the harsh weather in Texas.

Commercial Roofing

We take care of a variety of problems that can plague your roof’s condition such as standing water, blisters, and flashing gaps.

Storm Damage Assessment

With a free inspection, we can assess any potential damages done to your roof from severe weather such as heavy wind, rain or hail.

Insurance Claim Assistance

We’re experienced with insurance claim assistance and can help you through the process to ensure you get a fair settlement.

Customer Benefits | Flat Roof Specialists In Central Texas

While many companies provide commercial roofing services in Central Texas, our excellent customer service makes us one of the best roofing companies in the industry. 

Here are just three of the many benefits that you can get when you hire our commercial roofing company:

Qualified And Experienced Roofing Experts

A great commercial roofing experience starts with a great commercial roofing contractor. Our contractor team consists of roofers with years of experience in the industry. Our roofing company is also licensed by the Texas Roofing Contractors Association. From helping homeowners to installing large commercial building roofs, our roofing company has done it all!

Full, Comprehensive Warranty On Materials

To complement our attention to quality and workmanship, our roofing contractors only use the best materials available. We will also give you a comprehensive roof warranty on all materials used.

Help With Insurance Claims

Commercial building insurance benefits can help pay for your roofing job. To ensure a stress-free insurance claims experience, our commercial roofing team will help you get the benefits paid out promptly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Central Texas Commercial Roof Replacements 

Since a new roof is a large investment, it pays to get as much information as you can before making a decision. Here are the three most commonly asked questions about replacing a commercial roof:

Will a new roof impact my insurance?

Depending on your policy, a new commercial roof may impact your insurance differently. Some policies only cover commercial roof repair expenses, while others cover your commercial roof replacement costs as well. If you’re unsure about how new commercial roofing influences your policy, contact your agent.

How do I know when to replace my commercial roofing system?

Knowing when to replace your commercial roofing system is just as important as deciding on the right roofing material. To evaluate whether you need a roof replacement, check for these three warning signs:


  • Roof deck damage: One of the easiest ways to tell whether you need a roof replacement is by checking your roof deck. If you see signs of wear and tear on the deck, it’s time to consider a replacement.
  • Water stains: As commercial roofing components age, their waterproof properties start to deteriorate. Signs of persistent water stains may mean that your roof is starting to decay.
  • Insulation issues: Your roof is a major contributor to your building’s insulation. If you see your heating or cooling bills start to rise considerably, it could be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced.


How much does a new roof cost?

The cost of a commercial roofing replacement depends on the material you choose. Here are the per square foot costs of four common roofing materials:

  • Metal roofing: Average $7-12 per square foot
  • Single-ply TPO roofing: Average $3-5 per square foot
  • BUR roofing: Average of $3.50-6.50 per square foot
  • EPDM roofing: Average of $4-8 per square foot

Get The Best Value On Your New Roof – Contact Platinum Contracting Today! 

It may seem challenging to get a new commercial roof without breaking the bank, but the right commercial roofing contractor provides great service at a competitive price. 

Platinum Contracting is here to help you have a stress-free roofing experience and get the best roof for your business. Contact us today for a free roofing estimate!

Client Reviews

I was 100% happy with Platinum Contracting, they were very professional, checked in every day to discuss progress and if I had any questions, did everything they said they would do and more and did not cut any corners, completed the job ahead of schedule. I will use them again and would recommend them for your next job.

- Cynthia

Unbelievably caring and efficient contractors. Eric listened to me and solved all my concerns. This company comes more than highly recommended by me. Fast service and quality workmanship.

- Don

We are very satisfied with our roof replacement. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Their crew did a superb job of cleaning up afterward. The whole project was handled with politeness and professionalism.

- Craig