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The Key Warning Signs Of Roof Damage

Spotting red flags early can help prevent roof collapses and costly roof replacement services. Click through for a guide on the major warning signs of roofing damage!

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How To Know When Your Roof Needs Repair Or Replacement

Central Texas is known for its unpredictable weather situations. This is bad news for homeowners windows and roofs are battered year-round by storm, hail, and harsh winds. If not properly monitored and maintained, even the strongest roofing materials will eventually give in to the ever-changing weather and get severely damaged.

This is where Platinum Contracting comes in! Our professional roofers provide complete roofing repair, replacement, and restoration services for home and business owners in the DFW area. Contact us to prevent severe roofing issues before they happen!

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What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Roofing Repair Services

Platinum Contracting LLC has experience working with an array of roof materials – from metal shingles to asphalt ones and everything in between. No matter what repairs and whatever roofing service you may need, we can complete the project for you in a timely manner. All of our contractors have the skills and knowledge to work on a wide range of roofing projects.

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement 

Roof collapse can cause major property damage. In the worst cases, falling roofing materials can even cause life-threatening injuries to you and your family.

This is why it’s important to call a roofer the moment you notice something unusual about your roof. Here are six primary signs that a roof replacement may be necessary:

Unusual Sounds In Your Home

Creaking or popping sounds are one of the clearest warning signs you need to have your roof replaced.

If you hear animal sounds like squirrels or raccoons, you may have unwelcome visitors in your attic. Since they probably didn’t walk through the front door, you can assume that they went in through gaps in your roofing or broken windows.

Another sound that you need to watch out for is dripping water. These drips may be a sign that your flashing or shingles have a leak.

Problems With Your Shingles

Since your shingles are one of the most important parts of your roof, you should regularly check for any warning signs – especially after a storm. Asphalt shingles can get blown off, leaving your roof with missing pieces. Shingles can also get deformed due to impacts from debris. In this condition, their ability to protect your home from moisture and water damage is diminished.

But even if your asphalt shingles are all still in place, you may notice granules on your driveway or yard. If granules start falling from your shingles, it means that they’re starting to age beyond their useful life. 

If you see some missing shingles or falling granules, call a roofer immediately. Gaps in your shingles won’t just put your house at risk – they can also crank up your energy bills due to the reduced insulation.

Cracks Forming In Walls 

While it could just be the paint that’s cracked, it could be caused by more severe roof problems that you shouldn’t ignore. If you see large or potentially deep cracks on your walls, you should call a roofing contractor immediately to check for any signs of serious roof issues.

Ceiling Or Roof Sagging

Roof collapses don’t happen instantly – sometimes, parts of the roof materials show strain and signify an imminent collapse. If your roofs or ceilings are showing signs of sagging to a worrying extent, you should schedule an inspection with professional roofers soon.

Bending Roof Supports

Roof supports hold your roofing system up to keep them from collapsing. If you see the materials start to bend, it’s one of the signs that they’re undergoing stress and require immediate repairs.

Water Stains And Ice Dams

Leaky ceilings are a sign that water and moisture are entering through your roofing material. Moisture damage won’t just ruin your floor and furniture, but it may also weaken your ceilings – putting them at risk of collapsing. Visible ice dams are also a cause for concern, as their weight can pull your roof apart.

In more extreme cases, water buildup on your roof can cause problems for other people outside your home, especially road users. Water that spills out into the street can freeze into ice patches in cold weather and potentially cause accidents.

Our Roofing Services

We take our services to heart and we treat your property as our very own. Our years of experience show that we can deliver the satisfactory results you need and want for your home or business.

Residential Roofing

Platinum Contracting LLC can help protect your business or home's roof from the damaging and lasting effects of the harsh weather in Texas.

Commercial Roofing

We take care of a variety of problems that can plague your roof’s condition such as standing water, blisters, and flashing gaps.

Storm Damage Assessment

With a free inspection, we can assess any potential damages done to your roof from severe weather such as heavy wind, rain or hail.

Insurance Claim Assistance

We’re experienced with insurance claim assistance and can help you through the process to ensure you get a fair settlement.

Platinum Contracting – Reliable Roofing Contractors In Central Texas

Fixing roof issues immediately is much cheaper than having to pay for a new roof. To help you save money and give you peace of mind, we provide a complete suite of roofing services to our clients.

Free Roofing Inspections

Some warning signs of roof issues are easy to notice, like when asphalt shingle granules fall on your driveway or your roof leaks during rainfall. However, not all warning signs are easily spotted, especially in volatile weather conditions. 

To help prevent serious roof issues from snowballing, we conduct free, no-commitment roof inspections. Just call one of our contractors, and we’ll search for leaks and other problems – free of charge.

Emergency Roof Repair

Once you see the warning signs, call a roofer immediately. If you put off repairs, you risk a roof collapse and may need a new roof entirely.

Platinum Contracting provides emergency roof repair services. If we spot any issues during an inspection, we’ll quote you for repairs on the spot. We’re also 100% transparent about where your money goes, so you’re always assured that you’re getting the best value.

Residential And Commercial Roof Replacement

Even if you keep your roof well-maintained, you will eventually need a new roof. To make your re-roofing project go smoothly, our team of certified roofing contractors will help you choose the best roofing material options for your project.

Whether it’s asphalt shingles or metal roofing, we only use the best for your home! Alongside quality workmanship and attention to detail, we also provide comprehensive warranties on all roofing materials used. 

Home Insurance Assistance

Having home insurance can lighten the financial load of roof repairs. However, the claims process can be long-winded and confusing. With the help of our contractors, we provide a way to ensure that your insurance is paid out in full and on time! 

Spot The Warning Signs Before It’s Too Late! |Experienced Roofing Professionals In Central Texas

You shouldn’t wait until your roof springs a leak or threatens to collapse to take action. After a storm or at the first sign of roof issues, contact Platinum Contracting for a free inspection immediately! If we spot any worrying symptoms with your roof, you’ll also receive a free estimate on the repair job.

Client Reviews

I was 100% happy with Platinum Contracting, they were very professional, checked in every day to discuss progress and if I had any questions, did everything they said they would do and more and did not cut any corners, completed the job ahead of schedule. I will use them again and would recommend them for your next job.

- Cynthia

Unbelievably caring and efficient contractors. Eric listened to me and solved all my concerns. This company comes more than highly recommended by me. Fast service and quality workmanship.

- Don

We are very satisfied with our roof replacement. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Their crew did a superb job of cleaning up afterward. The whole project was handled with politeness and professionalism.

- Craig