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Low Slope And Flat Roof: Affordable And Spacious Roofing Options

Low slope and flat roofs are cheap to install and give you extra space. Contact Platinum Contracting today for affordable flat roof installations!

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Taking Advantage Of Low Slope And Flat Roofs

Most homes use steep-slope roofing because they can shed rain more effectively. However, low-slope and flat roofs – sometimes known as membrane roofs – are beginning to rise in popularity for homeowners because a flat roof can adapt to ever-changing weather in Central Texas. Not to mention the extra space it provides!

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial building owner, Platinum Contracting is here for all your low slope and flat roofing system needs. Learn more about how we can help you choose the best flat roofing systems for your building! 

Platinum Contracting Flat Roof Installation DFW

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Platinum Contracting Low Roof Installation DFW

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Roofing Repair Services

Platinum Contracting LLC has experience working with an array of roof materials – from metal shingles to asphalt ones and everything in between. No matter what repairs and whatever roofing service you may need, we can complete the project for you in a timely manner. All of our contractors have the skills and knowledge to work on a wide range of roofing projects.

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Why Choose Low Slope And Flat Roofing? 

“Flat roofing” is somewhat of a misnomer – these roofs have a very low roof slope so they can still drain water. However, a low slope roof has almost no pitch compared to traditional steep-slope shingles and provides several unique benefits.

Provides Extra Space

A low slope roof system allows you to walk on them, and it gives you extra storage space that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional steep roof. 

If you’re a business owner, you can use this “extra floor” to store extra inventory or equipment. For homeowners, this roof surface could be a new garden or hang-out spot for events.

Affordable Roof Installation Costs

Low slope roofing requires less material and less work to install, translating into lower labor costs. Low slope roofing is also lighter on the structure than traditional shingles, meaning that you don’t have to spend as much money to reinforce your building to take the roof’s weight.

Increases Heating And Cooling Efficiency

On a steep roof, there’s always attic space that contains excess air, reducing your heater or air conditioner’s efficiency. Because a membrane roof doesn’t have any space for extra air, you can regulate the interior temperature easier. As a result, you can save on heating and cooling bills. 

Our Services | Flat Roofing Experts in Central Texas

Proper installation and maintenance help your flat roof survive the severe Central Texas weather. At Platinum Contracting, we aim to give you that and much more with our services. No matter the size of the project, we always strive for the best results at an affordable price! 

Commercial Roof Installations

Thanks to their ease of maintenance and the extra space they provide, low slopes are the best choice for commercial roofing. We can ensure that your commercial building’s roof is installed with careful attention to workmanship and quality.

Residential Roof Installations 

Membrane roofs can make your home stand out among the rest. Not only that, but you can also enjoy family barbecues and other gatherings on your roof!

If you’re worried about having many people gathered on your roof, you don’t have to! We only use the best and the strongest building materials, plus we offer comprehensive roof warranties.

Emergency Roof Repairs And Renovations

Whether it’s a leak from heavy rain or roofing damage from debris, we’re prepared for anything. As soon as you notice any signs of issues on your membrane roof after a storm, contact our roofers and take advantage of our emergency repair service!

Benefits For Our Customers 

Many roofing companies operate in DFW, but we are the best at servicing our customers. Here are three perks you enjoy when you work with us:

Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance benefits can help pay for post-storm roof repairs. However, the process tends to be long-winded, and you may not get the payout until much later. Our team can help you navigate the process and ensure your insurer pays out promptly.

Fully-Qualified Roofers

Our roofing contractors have years of industry experience under their belts. Not only that, but we’re also certified by the Texas Roofing Contractors Association – you’re assured we’re a legitimate roofing company.

No-Cost And No-Commitment Roofing Inspections

No one wants to spend lots of money on multiple roof inspections every year. To help you save, we offer free, no-commitment roof inspections after a storm or major weather incident.

All you need to do is call us – our roofers will be right down to check your property for any roof issues!

Our Roofing Services

We take our services to heart and we treat your property as our very own. Our years of experience show that we can deliver the satisfactory results you need and want for your home or business.

Residential Roofing

Platinum Contracting LLC can help protect your business or home's roof from the damaging and lasting effects of the harsh weather in Texas.

Commercial Roofing

We take care of a variety of problems that can plague your roof’s condition such as standing water, blisters, and flashing gaps.

Storm Damage Assessment

With a free inspection, we can assess any potential damages done to your roof from severe weather such as heavy wind, rain or hail.

Insurance Claim Assistance

We’re experienced with insurance claim assistance and can help you through the process to ensure you get a fair settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Roofing 

In this section, we answer some common questions asked by homeowners and commercial building owners regarding low-slope roofs.

Is low-slope roofing good for houses?

Using a low-slope roof system for your home has pros and cons. One of the primary advantages of using a flat roof system is budget savings on labor and materials. Plus, the extra space afforded by low-slope roofs can be converted into a garden or deck also appeals to some homeowners.

However, you should ensure that your flat roofs can survive the volatile weather conditions of Central Texas. A low-slope roof system tends to allow water to pool and may suffer more damage from ice dams. To ensure your house remains leak-free, residential low-slope roofs need to be properly weatherproofed using proper drip edge and gutter systems. 

What types of materials are used in low-slope roofs?

Membrane roofs can be made out of several different materials. Here’s a breakdown of the features of the three most common low-slope roofing materials:


Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is the most affordable roofing membrane material. Boasting a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, TPO roof systems are also made leak-proof by heat-welding the seams after roofing cement is applied.


PVC roofing membranes are more expensive compared to TPO, but they boast a longer life. PVC roof systems can last over 20 years due to their weather resistance. The reflective properties of this material can also help keep your home cool in the summer by reflecting UV radiation.


EPDM roof coverings are made out of very durable synthetic rubber. The main advantage of an EPDM rubber roof is its life expectancy of up to 50 years. The rubber layers are also customized to your roof’s specifications to ensure a perfect fit.

Are flat roofs easier to maintain?

In terms of maintenance, flat roof systems require more attention than shingles because it’s easy for debris and water to collect on the surface. Too much debris or water on your roof can lead to leaks or other issues if left unattended. However, roof cleanup and maintenance are easier because you can walk on them without much risk of falling. 

Contact Platinum Contracting For Your Flat Roof Replacement Today! 

Low slope roof systems are excellent roofing options for both residential and commercial buildings. They are cheaper to install, allow you to save on electricity, and provide extra space for various needs. 

If you’re looking to get a flat roof installed, our roofing team can assist you. Contact Platinum Contracting today for a free roofing estimate!

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I was 100% happy with Platinum Contracting, they were very professional, checked in every day to discuss progress and if I had any questions, did everything they said they would do and more and did not cut any corners, completed the job ahead of schedule. I will use them again and would recommend them for your next job.

- Cynthia

Unbelievably caring and efficient contractors. Eric listened to me and solved all my concerns. This company comes more than highly recommended by me. Fast service and quality workmanship.

- Don

We are very satisfied with our roof replacement. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Their crew did a superb job of cleaning up afterward. The whole project was handled with politeness and professionalism.

- Craig