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Your damaged roof in Central Texas is more than just a structural issue – it can spiral to more serious damages affecting your family’s well-being and the value of your home. Whether caused by the natural elements, hail, wind, or water damage, we are here to repair or replace your roof. At Platinum Contracting LLC, we have the expertise to address your roof issues correctly and get them fixed the first time around. Central Texas have been depending on us for decades to provide them with a roof in tip-top shape that is able to withstand the unpredictable weather in Texas.

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Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Owning a home is a big investment. Along with that investment comes regular maintenance to ensure quality of life and a sustained value. At times, you will need to repair or replace your roof for a variety of reasons: age, damage, leaking, etc. If you are considering roof replacement or roof repair, it is best to discuss which is better for the current state of your roof. You and your contractor will need to discuss the age of your current roof, the condition of all roofing components, and whether or not you plan to sell in the near future.

If you are thinking about having some minor repairs done, it is important that you or your roofer check the roof in its entirety to ensure no other moderate or major repairs are needed. To begin, it is best to check for water intrusion in your attic or any obvious gaps. Look for other minor signs of roof damage: damaged flashing, buckling shingles, or shingle lifts – each of these issues could become serious issues if not repaired quickly. In some cases, the cost of new roof replacement may be worth the investment in order to avoid costly damage further down the road.

Platinum Contracting Roof Repair Services DFW

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Platinum Contracting Roof Repair Services DFW

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Fixing Roof Leaks & Emergency Damage

There are many places your roof could potentially leak. Your roof can leak around your chimney flashing, skylights, or even just due to old shingles. You may even notice a hole in the siding of your house or due to leaky windows. These problems need to be fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent mold or interior water damage. If you notice water in your attic, it could pose a fire hazard or waste energy in your home as insulation becomes saturated. If left unchecked, your roof and home could suffer major structural damage.

In order to spot compromised areas, look for water spots on your ceiling, check your attic during a rainstorm to see if water is getting in anywhere. Once the storm has passed, check to see if any shingles are missing, if there’s any damage to the flashing, or if there’s any other compromised roof components.

It is important to stay on top of repairs and ensure they are permanently fixed. If compromised by a storm, fire, or sudden malfunction, you must call a roofing contractor for quick repairs or for a protective tarp to prevent any further damage. Platinum Contracting LLC is available 24/7 to provide emergency roof repair services.

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Storm Damage

Storm damage is one of the most common reasons for quick, emergency roof repair. High winds, hail, and debris can cause severe roof integrity problems. After a storm, it is important to look for any signs of damage to your roof: missing shingles, fascia and exhaust pipe conditions, as well as the valleys and outer edges. Again, it is also important to look in your attic for any leaks. Some damage may not be immediately noticeable and may require a professional roofer to spot it.


Oftentimes, hail leaves dimpled depressions in your shingles or granules in the gutters. However, hail damage may not be readily noticeable. At times, hail can weaken the structure of your roof which can lead to a leaky roof later on. The older your roof is, the more susceptible it is to hail damage. If you suspect your home has been damaged by hail, have it evaluated by a professional Dallas roofer.


There are times when a tree can come down onto your home. If this is the case, it is important to first evacuate the home until a roofing contractor can take a look at your home and assess the damage done and let you know if you need to consider replacing or repairing your roof. It could also be in your best interest to have your homeowner’s insurance agent on the phone to help determine whether or not you need to file a claim. Take a picture of any damage and keep the receipts for any work you perform yourself.

In many cases, people will have to worry more about branches or limbs hitting the roof with very minor or moderate damage.

Residential Roof Repair

At Platinum Contracting LLC, we offer solutions for any type of leaky roof or other damage issues. If you are in need of any kind of roof repair or replacement, there may be a few underlying causes. Platinum’s roofing contractor is prepared and ready to fix any issues relating to:

Replacing blown off or missing shingles:

  • Lift up in high winds
  • Lighter roofing materials are more prone to peeling up
  • Cracked shingles leave the underlayment and roof deck exposed to elements

Repairing leaking roof flashing:

  • Roof flashing can be located around the chimneys, skylights, roof valleys and more
  • Flashing helps redirect water during a storm
  • If it comes loose, it will need to be repaired to prevent leaking
  • Leaks will also be possible if severe weather compromises flashing

Sagging roof repairs:

  • A sagging roof is unstable and is a safety risk
  • Caused by additional weight, age, wood rot, roof leaks, and other factors

Bad or leaking pipe flashing:

  • Vent pipes rest underneath your roofing materials
  • If your pipe flashing, vents, or sealant experience corrosion, it can allow water to seep through.

Chimney/skylight step flashing:

  • Flashing around the chimney or skylight can leak if high winds pull it away from its hold
  • Leaks can occur is the sealant no longer works
  • Skylights are a bit trickier to diagnose
  • Skylights often have condensation that can appear like a leak
  • A cracked skylight or worn sealant can allow leaks to form


  • Valleys are small gutters than run through the interior angles of your roof
  • Lifting shingles, fungus or mold build up, or improper cleaning techniques can damage these angles.
  • Valleys usually channel most rainwater using gravity

Ice dams:

  • Ice dams can form when melted snow refreezes on your roof
  • This may result in residual water runoff from melting ice to become trapped and not run off into rain gutters or leave the roof like it should

Low slope/inadequate roof pitch:

  • Low slope roofs are more susceptible to high wind damage
  • Low slope roofs or roofs with an inadequate pitch often do not provide enough run-off in regions that see a lot of rain

Cost of Roof Repairs

There are many variables to consider when pricing repairs, such as the type of roof, cost of permits, scope of roofing repairs and existing water damage, as well as any exterior features like a chimney or skylight. Typically, the safest estimate is to assume:

  • $150 to $400 for minor repairs
  • $400 to $1000 for moderate repairs
  • $1000 to $3000 for major repairs

Our Roofing Services

We take our services to heart and we treat your property as our very own. Our years of experience show that we can deliver the satisfactory results you need and want for your home or business.

Residential Roofing

Platinum Contracting LLC can help protect your business or home's roof from the damaging and lasting effects of the harsh weather in Texas.

Commercial Roofing

We take care of a variety of problems that can plague your roof’s condition such as standing water, blisters, and flashing gaps.

Storm Damage Assessment

With a free inspection, we can assess any potential damages done to your roof from severe weather such as heavy wind, rain or hail.

Insurance Claim Assistance

We’re experienced with insurance claim assistance and can help you through the process to ensure you get a fair settlement.

Client Reviews

I was 100% happy with Platinum Contracting, they were very professional, checked in every day to discuss progress and if I had any questions, did everything they said they would do and more and did not cut any corners, completed the job ahead of schedule. I will use them again and would recommend them for your next job.

- Cynthia

Unbelievably caring and efficient contractors. Eric listened to me and solved all my concerns. This company comes more than highly recommended by me. Fast service and quality workmanship.

- Don

We are very satisfied with our roof replacement. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Their crew did a superb job of cleaning up afterward. The whole project was handled with politeness and professionalism.

- Craig