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If you operate a business in Central Texas, then you know that the ever-changing weather can lead to roofing issues. Whether it’s heavy rain or hail storms, major weather incidents can do significant damage to your windows and roofs, leading to you having to close up shop because your roof is leaking.

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Commercial Roof Repairs

A damaged or leaking roof can reflect badly on your place of business – and put important equipment at risk. That’s why we provide emergency commercial roof repairs. Contact our roofing contractors and we’ll be there to plug the leak! We won’t just fix your roof – our roofing contractor crews will educate you on the entire roofing project so you know exactly where your money goes.

Moreover, we can also provide you with peace of mind. We have a comprehensive warranty on all the materials used by our roofing contractors – so you know we only use the best to work on your commercial roof.

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Commercial Roof Inspection

Severe storms and other adverse weather conditions can put your business at risk. Heavy rain can cause leaks and hail stones can damage your roofing. We know paying for a roof inspection after every major weather incident in TX can be expensive – which is why we offer commercial roof inspections by qualified roofers free of charge!

After a storm hits, all you need to do is contact our expert roofing contractors for a thorough examination of your roof. Once our roofers finish their inspection, you can choose whether or not to hire us to do your roof repair.

What Our Contractors Can Do For You

Commercial Roof Specialist Central Texas

Picking the right type of commercial roofing is essential – the right type of material can drive down maintenance costs while providing excellent protection. Platinum Contracting can help you complete commercial roofing installations and execute your roof repair project at a competitive price! Contact us today to get a free roofing estimate!

If you’re on a search for the best commercial roofing companies, Platinum Contracting should be on top of your list! Our commercial roofing company provides commercial roofing installations and roof repair services for businesses in Central Texas. 

Whether you’re starting out and want great commercial roof systems for your business or need to replace your roof, our roofing contractors are here for you. Read on to find out how we can fulfill your commercial roofing needs.

Why A Flat Roofing System Is Best For Your Building | Commercial Roofing Contractor Central Texas

Most businesses in Central Texas, use flat roof systems. Why are flat roof systems popular? Here are four main reasons why you should use a flat roofing system for your Central Texas business.


One of the most prominent advantages of a flat roof is the low cost. Materials for a flat roof are inexpensive and only cost you around 80 cents per foot. Due to the ease of maintenance and installation, labor costs can also be driven down when you hire a roof contractor to install a flat roof. 

Durable And Easily Maintained

Since there are fewer materials involved, roof maintenance is easier compared to sloped roofs. The tar and gravel that make up flat roofs also last for a long time – able to survive damage from the elements for up to thirty years.

Ease of Access

Compared to a sloped roof, a flat roof is much easier to access. If a roofing contractor needs to perform basic roof maintenance or install gutters, all they need to do is walk up and do what’s needed without any risk of slipping and falling.

Flat Commercial Roofing Provides Extra Space

The accessibility of flat commercial roofing also means that it’s easier to place objects there. For example, you can place an AC unit on your roof instead of using up valuable room on the ground. You can also install solar panels on your roof and save up on electricity bills.


The Best Types Of Flat Roofing For Your Business | Flat Roof Specialists In Central Texas

Platinum Contracting provides commercial roofing services that are both speedy and professional. We know that businesses cannot afford too much interruption to their operation, which is why our flat roof experts are trained to work at speed without losing close attention to quality workmanship.

There are several material choices that you can choose for a commercial roof. To help your search, we present the four most common commercial roofing materials preferred by our flat roof experts.

TPO Roofing

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is one of the most common choices of commercial roofing materials in Central Texas. TPO roofing is favored because of its lightweight and resistance to ultraviolet rays. TPO roof systems are also resistant to punctures and tears.

Another benefit to TPO roofing is that it’s resistant to oils and fats. This property makes it the prime roofing choice among restaurants and other businesses that use oil and fat.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

For an asphalt-based commercial roofing alternative, you can consider modified bitumen (MB) roof systems. This type of material is best used with low-slope or flat roofing, and its durability lends itself well if your roof experiences a lot of foot traffic. Modified bitumen is also a popular commercial roofing choice because of its waterproof qualities – which can protect you from the heavy rain that’s so common in Central Texas. 

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a commercial roofing industry favorite because it can last up to 50 years. The material is also low-maintenance and can be painted by roofers to match the building’s aesthetics. It can also serve as a complement to your existing roof, strengthening the protection of the roofing material under it.

Rubber Roofing

Also called EPDM roofing, rubber is one of the cheapest roofing materials in the market. Despite its low price, a rubber roof can last up to 20 years. Its lightweight construction also allows a roofing contractor to install it without any building reinforcement.

Roof Coatings

Another essential part of protecting your commercial building is a roof coating. Applying roof coatings can protect your roof system from leaks as well as increase its lifespan. 

Different kinds of roof coatings can benefit your roof in different ways. For example, reflective roof coatings can also reflect UV rays from entering your building, allowing you to keep your building cool. Other roof coatings can support your cooling efforts by allowing your roof to easily release absorbed heat.


Roofing Services For Commercial Clients | Commercial Roofing Experts In Central Texas

Our roofing company doesn’t just install your roofing – we also take good care of them. That’s why we provide comprehensive services to fulfill any roofing needs you may have in Central Texas! 



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We take our services to heart and we treat your property as our very own. Our years of experience show that we can deliver the satisfactory results you need and want for your home or business.

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Platinum Contracting LLC can help protect your business or home's roof from the damaging and lasting effects of the harsh weather in Texas.

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We take care of a variety of problems that can plague your roof’s condition such as standing water, blisters, and flashing gaps.

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With a free inspection, we can assess any potential damages done to your roof from severe weather such as heavy wind, rain or hail.

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We’re experienced with insurance claim assistance and can help you through the process to ensure you get a fair settlement.

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I was 100% happy with Platinum Contracting, they were very professional, checked in every day to discuss progress and if I had any questions, did everything they said they would do and more and did not cut any corners, completed the job ahead of schedule. I will use them again and would recommend them for your next job.

- Cynthia

Unbelievably caring and efficient contractors. Eric listened to me and solved all my concerns. This company comes more than highly recommended by me. Fast service and quality workmanship.

- Don

We are very satisfied with our roof replacement. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Their crew did a superb job of cleaning up afterward. The whole project was handled with politeness and professionalism.

- Craig